Degreaser Low aromatic. Degreases and cleans heavily soiled surfaces. Removes asphalt stains, road salt, grease and oil. Spray the solution on, wait 2-3 minutes, and then rinse off with water. Do not use the product on hot or repainted surfaces, or on cellulose lacquer. Protect from frost.
Aromatic content: <8%.

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Article number: 802321

Battery Water. Distilled water for batteries and
steam irons. The conductivity is maximum 5 μS/cm.


Article number: 802804

Washer Fluid, Ready-Mixed. Keeps windscreens free from greasy
road film and dirt. Withstands temperatures as low as approximately -18 °C.

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Article number: 802204

Washer Fluid, concentrated. Keeps windscreens free from greasy road
film and dirt. Should always be diluted with water according to the table of


Article number: 802004

Alkylate petrol 2-stroke environmental fuel. Carwise Alkylate Petrol 2-stroke is a convenient ready-mixed alkylate petrol for chainsaws, brush cutters, hedge shears, mopeds, grass trimmers, and other two-stroke engines. This clean petrol gives a cleaner engine with less build-up of deposits, which in turn, greatly improves the performance of the machine and extends its service life.


Article number: 803705

Alkylate petrol 4-stroke environmental fuel. Carwise 4-stroke Alkylate Petrol is an environmental fuel for lawnmowers, rotavators, snowblowers, boats and other four-stroke engines. It keeps the valves and pistons cleaner, which increases the service life of the machine and improves the reliability. Carwise 4-stroke alkylate petrol can be stored for long periods without deterioration in the quality.


Article number: 803805